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Amy Peace Buzzard_Builder's Mug

Builders  | 2020 | Mug, Yorkshire tea, Milk, Two Sugars.

Amy Peace Buzzard_Tea

“What would be more domestic, more unremarkable, more British, than a nice cup of tea?”

Neil MacGregor


Conversations Around Tea is an installation bringing together active elements within the social act of tea drinking, questioning how function can be positioned to draw attention to the diverse histories surrounding the scene, and the rich cultural knowledge embedded within.


British imperialistic past, alongside social class distinction and division, becomes entrenched in a cup that is habitually drunk. Simultaneously, tea is actively present within our current cultural and political climate; its symbolic use within our most recent election, or national stockpiling during the initial Covid-19 lockdown, forming examples of national significance. It is within the Victorian household that British tea consumption was domesticated- transforming from an elitist favourite, to a national symbol. It is here, where tea met milk and sugar, that a difficult imperial history met industrialisation and colonialism, forming the backbone of a history that must be acknowledged.


Conversations Around Tea looks to the multi-layered nature of the scene, and questions:

How the act of tea consumption forms an engagement and implication between these histories and the drinker?

Installation view | 2020 | Conversations Around Tea.

Do you mind if I put the radio on?

No, no go for it. I’ll make tea, do you want?


Yes, but only half a cup.

Yes, half a cup, do you want a biscuit to go with?

No, no thank you, I’m not hungry, but make sure you have one.

Ok Nana, will do.[1]

[1] Conversation held on 02/06/2018, Gunters Mead, Surrey, UK.

Amy Peace Buzzard_Britannia Silver

Handle | 2020 | Teaspoon handles cast in pewter from period teaspoons.

'Did you see he makes tea like you?'

'What? Who?'

'Ha Boris, he leaves the bag in, look...'


'I told you it was weird.'

'I still think my way's right' [2]

[2] Conversation held on 16/11/2019, on the 73 bus near Islington, London, UK.

Amy Peace Buzzard_Conversations Around T

Installation Detail | 2020 | Handle on Kitchen towel with Tea Ring.

I feel really bad, so I asked her who she thinks will win Strictly…


…and I let her make me a teapot cup of tea…

Ha ha, I bet she loved that. A whole teapot? Very good.


Nah just a cup from her teapot. Dust has settled.


That’s good.[3]


[3] Conversation held on 13/11/2019, via imessage, sender Crouch End, London, UK.

B U T T E R / K N I F E

Amy Peace Buzzard_Butter Knife

Butter/Knife | 2019 | Butter knife handles cast in salted butter on Poole Pottery side plate.

B R E A K I N G  B R E A D

Amy Peace Buzzard_Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread | 2019 | Hand rolled flatbread serving plates, plaster handles.

Situations made as part of the ongoing collaboration Food is Home with Catalan artist Laia Ribas Valls for further information see www.foodishome.com

Amy Peace Buzzard