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Amy Peace Buzzard (United Kingdom) and Laia Ribas Valls (Catalonia) are craft artists based in the United Kingdom and Sweden respectively, collaborating on the research project Food is Home. Here, research aims to discuss ideas of cultural identity in relation to dining and culinary related domestic objects. Culinary objects are positioned as vessels for socio-cultural history. The acts of cooking and eating form methods within the research, investigating their value in relation to the dissemination and continuation cultural identity.

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D A D ' S  C A K E 

Dad's Cake, fruitcake, tin foil, 2020.

Within Food is home Amy’s work delves into the act of sharing within a communal setting. In Breaking Bread, she creates meeting situations, where bread plates form the basis of a shared eating experience. Dad’s Cake follows her as she recreates her dad’s gestures, baking his fruit cake and distributing it out amongst family members and friends. Here, tin foil becomes a signifier and symbol of the sharing act.


Breaking Bread, flour, water, oil, 2019.

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B R E A K I N G  B R E A D