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Weighted Conversations Amy Peace Buzzard 2016

Weighted Conversations | 2016 | Embroidered handkerchiefs.


Holding Themselves Amy Peace Buzzard 2017

Holding Themselves as They Would | 2017 | White cotton gloves, embroidered on bubble wrap made for Anonymous II, with archive box.

'B U T  I  C A N 'T  T A K E  I T  O F F, 

I T  W I L L  G O  C O L D. . .'

‘Objects hang before the eyes of our imagination, continuously re-presenting us to ourselves, and telling the stories of our lives in ways which would be impossible otherwise.’ (Pearce, S. 2010)


Our possessions and the intimate narratives they hold are, in some part, us. We pour in sentiment, form attachments and in return they grow. We exist together, altering and being altered by our belongings. Where one goes, the other follows, sitting bearing witness to our everyday. Aiding us in finding ourselves again, they act, staying present, whilst tracing back.


I asked selected individuals to tell me a narrative about a possession. In response they received an artwork, for them to own, temporarily.  In this owning the artwork was changed, dialogues unfolded, a relationship formed.​​​​

Selected work from this series has been exhibited with Marzee for Starters, Fundamental Matters and Alternative Portraits.

With thanks to the following for their contribution:


Chris Richardson

Natalia Sarrazin

Rachel Taylor

Julie Isherwood

Ruth Conway

Abbie Williams

Anonymous I

Anonymous II

For full project, view and download PDF.


Portrait Amy Peace Buzzard 2016

Portrait | 2016 | Chris' soap, hand carved with Rosemary, Pansies and Forget-me-nots. Soap dish, iron, stained with use.


Waiting Amy Peace Buzzard 2016

Waiting, Breathing In and Then Exhaled | 2016 | Cast ring box resting on protective lining (for Natalia).


But I Can't Amy Peace Buzzard 2017

Installation view | 2017 | 'But I can't take it off, it will go cold...'


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